Cranson Capital

Building wealth through private placements

Cranson Capital Securities Inc. is an Exempt Market Dealer focused on helping accredited investors build wealth through private placements. We act as investment banking agents for companies that display the ability to earn equity-type returns for investors.

We look for offerings to cater to your unique investment goals; whether it is high yield, capital appreciation or capital preservation. All of our issuers must have a strong management team, a defensible competitive advantage, a sizable market opportunity and a defined exit strategy. Our investments are only eligible to those that qualify as accredited investors and comply with the regulatory criteria to invest in exempt market transactions.

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Investing in private placements allows investors to participate in unique opportunities not accessible through traditional advisors or brokers and gives the investor the opportunity to further diversify his/her portfolio. Private placements are relatively uncorrelated to public markets and provide investors the ability to invest directly into privately-held companies and potentially earn above average returns.

Our investments are primarily based in real estate, high growth businesses and financial services:

Real Estate

  • Land for future development

  • Real estate development

  • Income producing assets (MICs, rental)

  • Niche assets (seniors housing, student housing)

Growth Companies

  • Experiencing exponential growth

  • Strong management teams

  • Large market opportunities

  • Diverse industries

  • Significant upside potential

Financial Services

  • Private lending

  • Private equity

  • Mortgage investment corporations

  • Direct mortgage on specific property

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Why invest with us?

Unique transaction opportunities that provide above average returns and help to balance investors’ portfolios

Offer a variety of structures to meet different investors risk/return profiles and objectives

Perform thorough due diligence and provide investors with detailed information about the transaction

Provide ongoing information about the investment to keep them informed about the status of their investment