Cranson Capital

Types of Investments

Real Estate, Growth Businesses and Financial Services


Real Estate

Residential and commercial development, income producing, operational, distressed as well as niche asset classes.


Growth Businesses

Entrepreneur-owned businesses that display an ability to generate equity-type returns for investors. Returns and structure match the amount of risk.


Financial Services

Private lending, private equity, private mortgages and mortgage investment corporations (MICs).


Quality Offerings

To ensure we are partnering with experienced businesses, we have a thorough due diligence process in place. Below are some of the investment criteria we look for when sourcing issuers and features of the investments we structure.


  • High yield

  • Capital appreciation

  • Capital preservation

  • Diversification


  • Strong management team

  • Defensible competitive advantage

  • Sizable market opportunity

  • Defined exit strategy