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Michelle Dardaine

Michelle Dardaine

Michelle Dardaine, Chief Operating Officer

Michelle Dardaine is the Chief Operating Officer of Cranson Capital. She has been with Cranson Capital since 2008, where she has excelled in the finance industry. Prior to joining Cranson, Michelle had senior roles with the Ontario Ministry of Health, University Health Network and a boutique property management company. In these roles she developed strong leadership, project management, HR and finance which adds significant value to Cranson’s daily operations.

As the COO of Cranson, Michelle manages the day-to-day operations including aspects such as finance, human resources, public relations, compliance and vendor relations. She also oversees all client engagements to ensure that they are managed effectively and efficiently. Michelle aligns her corporate management skills with her passion and commitment to the success of entrepreneurs and investors. She continuously strives for excellence which is reflected in her supervision of Cranson and all clients.

Michelle has a Bachelor of Arts, Psychology from Brock University. She is a proud mother of two and enjoys being an active member in the community.

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